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The global network Addigi provides professional digital marketing services in about 157 countries. Specialising in fresh and creative marketing concepts, the company has attained an annual growth rate of 400%. Such an impressive record is the result of offering clients over 30 types of targeting options, a wide range of online advertising formats and exceptionally clean traffic protected from bots and fraud. Online platforms and real-time statistics allow users to fine-tune their advertising campaigns. Addigi’s experienced managers are always on hand to lend guidance and conduct analyses of a client’s marketing niche to produce optimal results. For the many services we offer, our reasonable rates appeal to advertisers and publishers. To achieve the success your company deserves, Addigi invites you to join us. Our 100% monetization policy has helped us to establish long-term relationships with such market leaders as Wargaming, Alibaba, UBER, 888 Holdings and many others.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

Our digital campaigns help brands to achieve a higher number of installs for their applications. Our CPI campaign encourages publishers to digitally advertise their mobile apps across a variety of different apps and brands.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

We help brands to acquire customers through subscriptions (activities like signup, newsletter, clicks, contact requests, registration). We provide worldwide mobile content subscription with better targeting & better quality.

CPS(Cost Per Sale)

We help brands to increase sales by providing the right traffic to their website through our digital campaigns. Get the increased number of conversions by our CPS campaigns. We help you to promote unlimited products or services for sale.


Addigi works with thousands of advertisers and offers highly profitable rates.


Save time and save money by registering with the Addigi ad network. You'll receive a code to place in your site. And start earning.


We offer some of the best payout rates in the industry. Get maximum returns from your traffic.


We offer a whole range of mobile and desktop ad formats that lead to the results you want. Still looking for the right format? Contact the Addigi support center for a quick and efficient remedy.


Payouts from addigi are fast and reliable. Receive payments according to your own individual schedule.


ou can count on Addigi to provide maximum control of random offers. Your site and those who visit it are never adversely affected by malware and unsanctioned advertising


With Addigi you get exclusive access to quality advertisers and their most profitable conditions.


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Managed Affiliates


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We work directly with our advertisers to discover an easy solution that best fits their advertising targets. We assign a dedicated account manager to our advertisers, who deliver real-time reporting, Better ROI & Inventory quality.

Increased profits

High converting ad materials designed by our top designers

Highly accurate conversion tracking and anti-fraud tools

Maximum customization options for your campaigns

Solid results regardless of the size of your budget

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